3D Printers Are Becoming A Reality

Invisalign is currently using 3D printers to make their custom transparent  braces to straighten teeth.  Other companies are using them to make molds for chocolate and Cornell University created a h Continue reading

Google and Motorola Team Up Adding Jobs To U.S. Market

Google company Motorola has announced a new smartphone that will be designed, engineered and assembled in the United States — the Moto X. It will be manufactured in a factory in Fort Worth, Texas.&nb Continue reading

RIM Unveils New Blackberry 10 and New Name & Creative Director

Research in Motion unveiled its latest smartphone, the long-awaited BlackBerry 10, at an event in New York City this morning. RIM CEO Thurston Heins touted it as the beginning of “new day for BlackBer Continue reading

Do not disturb. Apples ackward New Year’s resolution.

 Last month, Simon Dumenco from Advertising Age, called Apple the “most damaged big brand of the year,” given the dings it suffered in 2012 thanks to the Apple Maps-app debacle and all the bad k Continue reading

The six sure ways to promote your website on Google

Google is constantly changing and updating their algorithms which determine which pages show up when you to a search.  For web marketers, this can be frustrating if you’re trying to get your busines Continue reading

Eye tracking technology tells where you’re really looking

Imagine scrolling across a page or blasting an asteroid in a video game with the simple blink of an eye.Eye-tracking technology has been making advances over the last couple of years, and it comes in Continue reading

Upcoming Digital Trends to Watch in 2013

Digital marketing has already had its share of watershed moments. 2013 is not going to be “the year of the [fill in the blank].” Instead, 2013 is going to build on the digital accomplishments of the p Continue reading

Infomatic Provides Organized Stats About Your Social Presence In One Simple Package

Infomatic provides Facebook and Twitter statistics right on your Iphone for only $1.99.   Developed by Saturized, this app is a beautiful way to get the stats on your social media profile right on Continue reading

Facebooks Wild Year ends on a Higher Note

Well it’s been quite a year for Facebook and one with many ups and plenty of downs. Earlier in the year they had what had to be one of the most anticipated new stock offerings in years. After going pu Continue reading

Yelp Reviews: Do they Help or Hinder your Business?

Yelp, the online review website, has taken on the role of private detective.With more than 71 million visitors monthly, Yelp is using a computer filter to help uncover companies that purchase fake pos Continue reading